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April 21, 2012
Thousands Attend PurpleStride Event Against Pancreatic Cancer in Riverside Park
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March 1, 2012
Make That Call Campaign Urges New Yorkers To Get Screened!

November 19, 2011
Jay Monahan Center and PanCan Offer Seminar for Pancreatic Cancer Survivors and Families
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July 5, 2011
Colorectal Cancer: Second Most Deadly Cancer Can Be Stopped Before It Starts

March 28, 2011
JMC Team Participates in Colon Cancer Challenge Event

March 1, 2011 Make That Call Campaign Launches to Increase Screening in NYC
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June 8, 2010 Super Colon Visits Jay Monahan Center
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May 17, 2010
Katie Couric Receives Honorary Doctor of Science; Gives Commencement Speech at Case Western

March 9, 2010
Harry Smith Undergoes Screening Colonoscopy.

May 17, 2010
Katie Couric Receives Honorary Doctor of Science; Gives Commencement Speech at Case Western.
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March 27, 2009
The Jay Monahan Center Presents a Free Colorectal Cancer Prevention & Screening Seminar with Katie Couric

March 14, 2008
CDC Study: Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates Are Increasing in U.S.

March 7, 2008
Focus on Prevention: New Colorectal Cancer Screening Guidelines Released

November 15, 2006
What's Cooking: Healthy, Gut-Friendly Foods for the Holiday Season

March 16, 2006
Increased Dietary Folate Intake May Reduce Risk of Pancreatic Cancer

March 2, 2006
High Meat Intake May Increase Risk of Some Gastric (Stomach) Cancers

February 3, 2006
High Dietary Magnesium Intake May Reduce Risk of Colon Cancer in Women

October 7, 2005
Red and Processed Meats May Increase Risk of Pancreatic Cancer

March 25, 2005
Colorectal Cancer Screening Should Begin at Age 45 in African Americans: ACG

February 15, 2005
Eating Right, Living Well: Nutritional Steps to Reducing Your Colorectal Cancer Risk

January 12, 2005
Long-Term Red / Processed Meat Consumption May Increase Colorectal Cancer Risk

November 12, 2004
What's Cooking: Monahan Center Presents Gut-Friendly Foods for the Holiday

August 30, 2004
Vitamin K2 May Reduce Risk of Primary Liver Cancer

June 30, 2004
Dara Torres and Colon Cancer Alliance Launch Roots of Support Program at Jay Monahan Center

June 18, 2004
Stage II and III Colon Cancer Treatment: Adding Oxaliplatin to 5FU/Leucovorin after Surgery May Improve Outcomes

May 19, 2004
Do Dairy Products Increase Risk of Colorectal Cancer in African Americans?

May 10, 2004
Regular Aspirin Use Over Time May Increase Pancreatic Cancer Risk

April 14, 2004
Vitamin D, Cereal Fiber Intake May Reduce Risk of Colorectal Cancer

March 30, 2004
The Jay Monahan Center for Gastrointestinal Health Opens!

March 4, 2004
Genetic Testing: An Option for People at High Risk for Pancreatic Cancer?

February 26, 2004
Bevacizumab Approved for Combination Treatment of Advanced Colorectal Cancer

February 12, 2004
Cetuximab Approved for Advanced Colorectal Cancer

February 11, 2004
"Camera Pill" May be Useful in Diagnosing Conditions in the Esophagus

January, 2004
Treatment for H pylori May Help Prevent Some Stomach Cancers

February 25, 2003
Weill Cornell Medical Center Opens New Endoscopy Suite To Promote and Practice Gastrointestinal Health

November 13, 2002
Katie Couric and EIF Raise $5 Million for Jay Monahan Center

October 15, 2002
New Comprehensive Gastrointestinal Health Center To Be Established at NewYork-Presbyterian Weill Cornell

October 14, 2002
Hollywood & Broadway's Biggest Stars Unite To Launch Jay Monahan Center

May 3, 2002
National Study Credits "Couric Effect"

May 2, 2002
Katie Couric Wakes Up America about Colonoscopy Screening

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